Killaloe, ON

The Killaloe Fire Department was in need of replacing 2 unreliable doors they had on their building. When they had contacted us, they had explained the issues they were having and also the requirements they had for new doors. With the existing building built from brick, they were unable to retrofit the building for a new door. We had suggested to them that we would supply our Self-Supporting frame which will hold the weight and loads our door would create. With the doors going onto an emergency response building where every second counts, we had increased the doors opening speed to 23ft/min. With the new equipment they had purchased, other types of doors were out of the question as they could not provide the adequate head room they required. With the Bi-Fold door and the Self-Supporting frame on the exterior of the building, we were able to provide them a door with the clearances they needed. Another issue they were having was to try and seal up the bottom of the door onto their uneven asphalt. With a larger seal space and a 9” bottom weather seal, we were able to seal up the 3” fluctuation. These doors have been in service for over 2 years now. The Fire department has been impressed with their reliability and the minimal maintenance. They had also commented that the Emergency Manual opener gives them peace-of-mind know that they can still open their doors even when the power goes out.

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