Diamond Genesys Electrical Box

Diamond Doors is pleased to announce that we have the first ever UL325/CSA 22.2 certified bi-fold door operator!

Our commitment to innovation in our industry has led us to create the Genesys circuit board that boasts many new functions and features. These features included plug-n-play installation on future upgrades, on-board diagnostics, built in emergency override controls, and more. 

Along with our completely prewired door assembly, installation of a Diamond Door has never been simpler. Our doors require ZERO onsite electrical connections in the door frame, power and control wires are supplied and factory installed to the door frame, a watertight junction box for control wire connections and everything else you need to get your door up and running quickly and efficiently. 

The Genesys control box meets NEMA 4/4X/12 and IP64 specifications. This control box is also watertight, minimizing any negative environmental effects. It is factory wired and tested, and all electrical components are pre-set to factory specifications. 

Put our Diamond Door to the test and discover what makes these door the best value door available on the market today!

Click here to download the specification sheet.