Photo Electric Sensors

Setting A Standard

For years, Diamond Doors has considered safety to be a high priority for our bi-fold doors. Upgrades to safety have been available for as long as we can remember, however there are certain safety features that we can’t live without, and we believe our customers shouldn’t live without them either. We’re happy to announce that we are now making Photo Electric Safety Sensors a standard feature on all of our doors!

What Does This Mean For You?

No more accidental closing on your equipment, or any of your other assets. The photo electric eyes play a key role in safety, as they send a signal from one eye to the other.  They are positioned on opposite sides of the door near the bottom. If this signal is broken, the door will be prevented from closing. Multiple sensors can be used together to create a safety curtain effect.

This is a code requirement with packages sold with remotes, so we’ve standardized it across the board. To learn more about this or any other feature, feel free to contact us, or fill out our Get A Quote form if you’re ready for your new Diamond Door.