Innovative Bi-fold Door Roller Design


At Diamond Doors we prioritize innovation and are always looking for ways to make our product better.

We strive for our products to be high quality and long lasting, ensuring that our customers receive a door that serves them well for many years.

We recently started producing a new cantilevered roller design that will replace the existing inset design on most doors up to 60ft wide. Our existing inset roller design will continue to be in production for certain applications and is still a more suited option for some projects.

Both rollers are located on the bottom corners of the bi-fold door, providing a smooth open and close operation. During the door design process, our engineers will determine which roller design is best suited for your application.

So, what makes the cantilevered roller design innovative in the bi-fold door market?

Firstly, the J Channel Roller Track provides a smooth rolling surface and maintains roller contact with the building.
This is an exclusive feature to Diamond Doors.

  • The J track prevents the door from blowing out in high winds.

Secondly, the design fixes some of the challenges bi-fold door manufactures face.

  • There is no need to trim the sheeting or insulation around the roller during installation of the bi-fold door.
  • The bottom corner seal is even closer to the door edge, creating a better seal for the door.

Having a bi-fold door that seals well is important, especially if the customer has a heated insulated building such as a machine shop, hangar, or commercial building.

Thirdly, our new design includes an industry exclusive roller wear cap and is easier to access for maintenance.

  • The roller wear cap (exclusive to Diamond Doors) provides a low friction surface, so even with minor building shift or track misalignment, the bi-fold door will continue to open and close smoothly.
  • A 6-inch piece of track was created to be easily removable for access to the roller.
  • In the circumstance the disk is significantly damaged, it is easily replaceable. This contrasts with having the roller itself damaged and replacing the entire roller.

Both roller designs allow for a bi-fold door that seals well, is smooth to operate, and is low maintenance.

Our new bi-fold door roller design innovates beyond industry standard and gives the customer a superior door.

If you would like a bi-fold door estimate for your building please fill out our quote request form.