Are Bifold Doors Good for High Winds? Wind Protection Options

This is one of our most asked questions:

Will a bi-fold door be a good option in my windy location? What about if I live in a tornado or hurricane risk area?


Luckily, we have various wind protection options for our bi-fold doors. You can be sure that your Diamond Door will hold up to the environment and last for generations.

If you prefer to view information in video format, check out our YouTube video below.

Each door is designed for the specific application, wind loads, and building specifications. By engineering the door specifically to the customers location wind load ratings, we can ensure it will withstand the weather of the area.

We have additional wind protection options available including:

J Track (for wood buildings).

The J track is attached to the outside of the building. It ensures the door roller stays against the building and provides a smooth surface for the door to roll up and down on. This design is exclusive to Diamond Doors.

Column Followers (for steel buildings).

Column followers are located on the bottom corners of the door. They prevent the door from blowing outwards and keep the door connected to the building. Commonly used in conjunction with our steel header and supporting columns for increased stability. The column followers slide along the inside flange of the building columns or steel header.

Both the J track and column followers prevent the door from being pushed out from the building when a positive air pressure is present.

Remember to operate the bi-fold door safely and use your discretion.

It is important to keep the door closed and locked during high winds or extreme weather event. This is important for the safety of your building and its contents.


Customer Testimony

Patrick MacLean purchased 10 – 40×22 bifold doors from Diamond Doors for a project he was supplying.

On one of the buildings in the project they elected to install an overhead door instead of the bifold.

On March 11, 2007 there was a windstorm in Cardston, Alberta with winds more than 150 KPH. These winds blew over semi trailers and caused damage to many buildings in the area. During the storm, the overhead door was blown into the building. This caused extensive damage to the building and its contents.

The Diamond bi-fold Doors on the other buildings stood up to the winds no problem.

“I want to let you know how happy I am with your products, and I will be recommending your doors to my customers on future projects.” – Patrick MacLean


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