Bifold Vs Overhead Door – 5 Reasons to Choose a Bifold

Bifold door vs overhead door. Whether you are looking to install the door on a new building or retrofit, there are many benefits to upgrading to a bifold door.

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Benefit #1 Overhead Space

A bifold door is installed to the outside of the building, which gives you a larger clear opening.

Overhead doors do not allow you maximum headroom for your building. The clear opening is much smaller with the same size door.

Benefit #2 Low Maintenance

Bifold doors are lower maintenance than an overhead door.

Overhead doors have hinges, rollers, rails, springs etc. to maintain. More moving parts means more to look after.

Diamond Doors has engineered their doors for low maintenance. Greaseless hinges, maintenance free rollers, and a simple innovative design make this door low maintenance.

Benefit #3 Customization Options

Diamond Doors are custom made for your building and have many options and features that can fit your needs, whether they be functional or aesthetic.

Overhead doors do not allow you the same degree of customization.

You can view our extensive features and options here.

Benefit #4 Insulation

If you are installing your door on an insulated building, you should consider the doors ability to retain heat.

Overhead doors are susceptible to frost penetration at every panel hinge joint. They also allow air infiltration around the perimeter of the door.

Diamond Bifold Doors are sealed tight to the building, with a locking system pulling the door closed. Our insulation package includes a closed cell neoprene foam around the perimeter of the door that acts as a gasket between the door frame and the building. The panels are fastened to the exterior of the door frame creating a full thermal break, with only the center hinge being a possible frost penetration point.

Learn more about our insulation package option here.

Benefit #5 Competitive Pricing

Price is one of the biggest factors when deciding which door to purchase and we understand that customers have a budget for their project.

While in some cases a bifold door may be more expensive up front, the savings in energy and maintenance costs will offset this upfront cost long term, making a bifold door a great investment.

Diamond Doors are competitively priced and depending on the size, features, and options you need for your bifold door, it can be equal to or less expensive than an overhead door.

Overhead doors are typically cheaper for doors 20ft wide and smaller. Bi-fold doors are typically less expensive larger than 20ft wide.

And its always free to get a quote.


Hopefully this information can help you make the decision between choosing an overhead door or bifold door easier.

Both bifold and overhead doors have their place in the market, but for the reasons listed above it is clear that choosing a Diamond Door is an upgrade from your standard overhead door.