Bi-fold Door Locking Systems

At the end of a long workday, you want to relax knowing that your equipment is secure. Diamond Doors provides that assurance by offering convenient locking systems for your bi-fold door. Using in-house designs to create an exclusive, effective bi-fold door locking system, Diamond Doors goes the extra mile to protect your equipment.

Each of our bi-fold door locking systems protects your equipment from weather and intruders. When the locking system is engaged, the fingers tightly press against the locking catches sealing your door to the building.

Bi-fold Door Safety Features

Photo electric safety sensors are standard with each locking system to prevent accidental closures on equipment or personnel. These sensors will automatically stop the door from closing if any obstacles block the opening and can be used in multiples to create a wider safety curtain. See more options and features here.

Auto-Lock vs. Manual Locking Systems

Diamond Doors offers two bi-fold door locking systems. The manual lock, or single lever lock, can be positioned on either side of your bi-fold door for easy access. The auto-lock system is ideal for a remote access door. Both options have many benefits, including that they come fully connected to the door from factory. This makes installation a quick and easy process.

Auto Locking System

When you return to your building and the rain is falling, you want to stay warm and dry. With only the click of a button, you can let your bi-fold door do the work.

This is only one of the benefits of the auto-lock system. Using this system allows for a complete remote access door, as the lock engages automatically when the door closes and releases when the door is opened. The auto-lock system is governed by mechanical limit switches. These limit switches are preset in the factory and never need adjustment.

Other options for the auto-lock system include remote opener and keypad access with a personalized four-digit entry code.

Manual Locking System

This simple and budget friendly standard option is well suited for all door applications.

Rather than the two-latch system used by many companies, the Diamond Doors manual locking system uses a single lever to operate. This means that the lever unlocks both sides of the door simultaneously, which makes getting in and out of your building quicker and easier.

Maintenance free and easy to use, this simple design is made for convenience. The manual lock can be placed on the right or left side of the door for quick access, or to accommodate windows and pedestrian doors.

Diamond Doors also includes a safety switch with the manual lock. For the door opener to operate, the safety switch must be completely engaged. This switch prevents operation of the bi-fold door while the door is locked, preventing structural damage to your door, locking system, and building. It also prevents the door opener from straining against a locked door and burning out.

Bi-fold Door Locking Systems

The locking systems offered by Diamond Doors reflect our commitments to quality and excellence, simplicity and innovation, convenience and service. Diamond Doors provides long lasting, durable bi-fold door locking systems that are easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Our locking systems will meet your needs and do their job, every time.

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