Agricultural Stainless Steel Bifold Door Frames

If you are looking for an agricultural bifold door that will stand up to humidity and corrosive environments, provide a clean finish, and last for generations, our stainless steel bifold door frames do it all.

You might be wondering why a stainless steel frame is worth the investment. These frames are extremely durable and function exceptionally well in a variety of applications, such as poultry barns, livestock barns, pig barns, and storage for vegetables such as potatoes. There are many reasons why a stainless steel bifold door might be the best choice for your agricultural building.

Why a Stainless Steel Bifold Door Frame for Agriculture?

Stainless steel is a combination of materials including iron, chromium, nickel, and other alloys. Diamond Doors typically uses 304 grade stainless steel for fabricating doors, which has a higher percentage of chromium and nickel compared to carbon steel.

This grade of steel is classified as an austenitic steel and is a good choice for many reasons:

  • It has a relatively low thermal conductivity, improving heat retention in the building.
  • Improved surface finish, which helps the steel resist cracking  and increases its overall strength.
  • Added chromium protects against rust by oxidizing on the surface. This creates a barrier between the metal and the air, resisting corrosion.
  • Maximum tensile strength of about 89 900 psi, which is higher than the average carbon steel frame. This provides added resistance to high winds.

This improved longevity results in less maintenance for you – a huge advantage in a busy industry!

Features and Options

With every stainless steel door frame, Diamond Doors includes stainless steel hinges, hinge pins, and lifting cables to ensure that every part of your door is long-lasting and functional. Diamond Doors also offers a stainless steel motor, which is sealed against the environment, providing assurance that your door will run no matter how harsh the conditions.

These motors are available in all standard sizes including a single phase 230V opener, or one of our three phase options, the 208V and 460V.

Our stainless steel door frames also come fully equipped with every other Diamond Doors feature, including an automatic or manual locking system, photo eye safety sensors, and the fastest opening speed in the industry. Diamond Doors designs all doors to a 10x cable safety factor.

A Solution for Every Need

Diamond Doors stainless steel frames are excellent options for many different applications. Due to its resistance to rust and corrosion, Diamond Doors also recommends a stainless steel bifold door frame for other agricultural uses like equipment wash bays.

Our doors are entirely customizable – from the door size you need to your preferred cladding and trim colors. We also offer well insulated, customizable windows to allow natural light into your building.

A Bifold Door Worth the Investment

Stainless steel is a long-lasting solution to fit your needs. When you purchase a stainless steel bifold door, you are purchasing a tool that will make your agricultural work easier.

When comparing a bifold door to an overhead door, it can be tempting to think they are interchangeable. However, the Diamond Doors bifold door is custom designed to suit your building, and the stainless steel frame is incomparable in terms of longevity for high humidity and corrosive environments. (You can read more about the advantages of a bifold door compared to overhead door here.)

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