Our Measure of Success

In our personal lives, we call it success when we accomplish something difficult, when we have everything put together, or when we have a busy social life. On social media, success is measured by the number of followers we have. In business, we often measure success in terms of sales and dollars.

We do it differently.

Dick Suderman, founder of Diamond Doors, said it first – our measure of success is customer satisfaction.

We want to give our customers the best experience with our brand. That’s what drives us to perform, to make our doors the most convenient, streamlined option on the bifold door market.

When we live up to this standard, it becomes an actionable and practical way to measure our success in business. We don’t measure our work by quantity – we measure it by quality. Our key values are based on the belief that the satisfaction of our customers is the only way to truly succeed.

At Diamond Doors, we complete every transaction with transparency and honesty – we want to provide our customers with the best solution for their door decision, which sometimes means we don’t make a sale. We never pressure our sales team to meet a quota, or to push a customer towards a purchase they aren’t ready to make. Instead, we want our customers to feel confident in their purchase decision.

We build bifold doors to the highest standard, going above and beyond what regulations require to ensure the safety of our customers. Diamond Doors stands behind every door with extensive warranties because we build our doors to last.

We use innovative, industry-leading features to create doors that are easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. Continuous research and development leads to doors that set the bar for bifold door manufacturing.

Our customers’ time is valuable.

We build bifold doors that reflect that. If our customers run into trouble with their bifold door, we are available to answer questions and provide accurate solutions. We engage with our customers in real-time conversations because what they have to say matters to us.

Our values shape every relationship we have built, every step forward in our business, and every action we make. When we make customer satisfaction our measure of success, we are making our customers our priority.

When our customers are satisfied, so are we.

Our Measure of Success - 100% Satisfied Customer

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