Beautiful Design, Built to Provide Peace of Mind

Evolve Bi-Fold Doors is proud to engineer solutions capable of timeless architectural design with modern technology. Simple to install and requiring little maintenance, these custom built doors typically fasten to the outside of the building to ensure there is no loss of interior clearance. Fans, lighting, ducting, or internal structures will not be obstructed.

Designed to Last

We build our doors to be as structurally sound as the building it’s going to be mounted to. How the door will be used matters, so we engineer and build our doors based on the style and intended function laid out for us. Create a multifunctional space with Evolve Bi-Fold Doors.

Installed in city structures, landmark buildings, trade schools, restaurants, garages and residential homes, these unique and lasting feature doors add light, architectural interest and functionality to any project. Evolve’s experience in highly customized doors has earned us a reputation for partnering with architects to solve client problems with unique and lasting solutions.

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