High Strength Frame

Diamond Doors are manufactured from high strength tubular steel. Engineered and designed with a triple internal truss the Diamond Door system is one of the strongest in the industry. Designed to minimize weight while maximizing strength,  the engineered design minimizes the weight and loads on your building.  Each door is carefully crafted and assembled by a certified CWB welder. Every Diamond Door comes with charcoal grey industrial grade paint to withstand the toughest environments.


Every Diamond Door hinge is maintenance free. The unique hinge bushing design eliminates hinge creaking and screeching, while functioning smoothly. Diamond Doors offers a lifetime warranty on all hinge bushings.


Each Diamond Door operates with an industry grade double sealed bearing. These bottom roller bearings are pressed into a hardened CNC machined sleeve. This sleeve is beveled to provide a continuous smooth operation and giving you the longest lasting roller in the industry.


This is dependent on the size of door, gear ratio, and the required lifting speed you would prefer. The driveline is coupled to the lower internal wind truss by a series of industrial grade pillow block bearings and Teflon bushings. This system provides a low maintenance, smooth operating lifting motion.

Standard Lift Cables

Diamond Doors unique lift cable driveline 2 design provides an offset during lift, preventing the cable from ever “overlapping” or coming in contact with itself (the primary reason for shortened cable life). These highly specialized cables utilize an extremely fine weave and fiber core for excellent flexibility and exceptional lifespan. Using more cables translates to less loading per cable, helping to further extend its lifespan. It’s why Diamond Doors uses a minimum of a 10x cable safety factor. Also, the numerous lift points help to better distribute loads more evenly on the door (and ultimately on the building).

Genesys Electrical Box

The Diamond Diamond Genesys CSA approved electrical box Genesys CSA approved electrical box is the first ever UL325/CSA 22.2 certified bi-fold door operator on the market. Our innovative Genesys circuit board features plug-n-play installation on future upgrades, on-board diagnostics, built in emergency override controls, and more. This means our doors require no onsite electrical connections in the door frame and a watertight junction box for control wire connections. We supply all power and control wires and they are factory installed to the door frame so you can get your door up and running quickly and efficiently.

Electric Lift Motor

Every Diamond Door comes standard with an electric lifting motor. This Electric motor is coupled to the industrial grade gearbox creating the most reliable electric lifting system. Every electric motor is sized accordingly to the weight it’s lifting and the opener speed required. These electric motors are available in single phase 230V, 3 phase 208V, 460V and 600V. All electric motors are coupled to an electric brake to ensure safety. The brake is equipped with a lever to manually disengage the brake for manual operation.

Single Lever Lock

The single lever locking system simultaneously locks both sides of the door with a simple rotation of the locking handle. This locking handle can be positioned on either side of door for quick and easy access. The locking system is designed to pull the door tight to the building to secure it and seal it from the outside environment.

Every Diamond Door comes standard with a top rubberized canvas covering the hinges and sealing the connection between the door and the building. This seal is fastened in between the door frame and top door trim. The other side is fastened to the building behind the cladding of the building.

Top/Bottom Weather Seals

The bottom rubber seal is fastened to the bottom of the door by an aluminum track sealing the space between the lower door frame and your finished floor. The rubber seal is designed with ribs to prevent the seal from freezing to the ground. These seals are available in different sizes to accommodate any fluctuation in your finished floor elevation or deflection of the building.