Low maintenance , high quality, bi-fold doors.

Industrial and commercial cable-lift bi-fold doors. A simple yet innovative design that you can install yourself. If time is of the essence, we can refer you to one of our dealers who can arrange installation for you.

A quick and quiet opening ensures no audible distractions or noise pollution for those working close to the door. Diamond Doors are fastened to the outside of the building so you there is no loss of interior clearance. Fans, lighting, ducting, or cranes will not be obstructed.

Insulation, windows, walk through doors, and a variety of other options are available to tailor each door of your unique application.

Virtually any size of door can be made for your buildings from wide with low clearance, to narrow with high clearance, and wide with high clearance.


Diamond’s experience in highly customized doors has earned us a reputation for solving client’s problems with unique and lasting solutions.

Our custom-built and
engineered doors are designed
to last.

We build our doors to be as structurally sound as the building it’s going to be mounted to. How the door will be used matters, and when we take on new challenges, we engineer and design a door that will last. The Diamond difference speaks for itself.