red machine shed with bifold door

Cladding (Exterior Sheeting)

Diamond Doors offers an optional cladding package. The standard cladding is a 29 gauge ¾” profile. The ¾” rib is spaced every 9”. Coverage per sheet is 36” wide. Each sheet is cut to length providing easy installation. See Diamond Doors Standard colour chart for cladding colours available. Custom colours available upon request (colour code or QC number required). When building new, we recommend providing your own cladding to match your building. We provide a detailed “cut-list” with every quotation. This cut-list informs you of how many sheets and what length is required in ordinance with Diamond Doors installation procedure.

Trim Package

Each Diamond Door requires 3 types of trims. A “J”, Center and drip trim. The “J” trim runs along both sides of the door and along the top. The center trim is place on the top of the bottom section of the door. It works together with the ¾” cladding overlap. The drip flashing is fastened to the bottom of the door providing proper moisture shed. The trim depth is determined by the thickness of the insulation and profile of cladding used. These trims are typically made from 26 gauge material. For standard trim colours available, please refer to the Diamond Doors colour chart. Custom colours are available upon request. If you prefer to supply your own trims to better match your building colours, Diamond Doors provides the trim profiles and required amounts on each order. 

Tek Screws


Diamond Doors recommends and offers fasteners that are a self-drilling #10-16 or #12-16 Tek Screw. For non-insulated doors, either a ¾” or 1” Tek screw is required. Insulated doors Will require either a 3” or 4” Tek screw depending on the thickness of insulation used. These Tek Screws are available in all Diamond Doors standard colours. On insulated doors, the Tek screw is fastened through the cladding, through the insulation and drilled into the frame of the door. The fasteners are power coated to prevent paint chipping when installed.  It is recommended to use a drill instead of an impact to prevent unnecessary paint chipping.

Insulation Packages

Insulation packages are available in a 2” or 3” rigid board polystyrene. These panels include a Mylar reflective material which is laminated to both sides of the panel by a heat melt process keeping radiant heat out during the summer, and inside during the winter. Each panel is ship-lapped to provide a continuous thermal break. The interior side of each panel is covered by a 26 gauge white aluminium embossed interior liner. The interior liner is a protective covering for the insulation and is cosmetically appealing. In addition, the foam weather seal kit is included with each insulation package.

This kit consists of a closed cell, neoprene foam tape. It is fastened to the inside perimeter of the frame to seal the door against the building. It is also located along the center hinge to provide an air tight seal. Also included with each insulation package is an L trim which is fastened to the bottom of the top section of the door. This L trim caps off the insulation so the insulation is not visible when the door is in the open position.

These insulation panels are placed on the exterior of the door frame and secured to the door frame by the cladding Tek Screw. By having the panel fastened to the exterior of the door frame provides a fully insulated thermal break. This way the entire door frame is insulated and not just in between the door frame members.

Electric Auto-Lock

The auto lock system consists of an independent electric motor to lock and unlock the door. It is governed by a set of limit switches which are preset in the factory. This system is installed and wired from the factory. The door will automatically lock once the closed limit switch has been met or automatically unlock when the open button is pressed.

Remote and Wireless Keypad

Diamond doors offer an optional remote control package. This package is available in two different remote types, a visor (3 button) or key chain (single button) remote. The auto lock system must be used in conjunction for a complete remote access door. This remote package comes with 2 transmitters, the receiver and necessary photo-eyes. Additional remotes are available and sold separately. The wireless keypad is an additional option to the remote package. This keypad is mounted to the exterior of the building allowing you to operate the door with your personal 4 digit security code.

“J” Channel Roller Tracks

The J channel roller track is a continuous smooth surface for the bottom roller to track on. They are typically used on wood buildings and fastened directly to the buildings post.  These tracks come galvanised and pre-drilled for ease of installation. Necessary hardware is included with these tracks.  The J channel is in the form of a “J” which cups a pin that is attached to the roller. It is designed to keep the door rollers against the building at all times. This prevents the door from pushing out from the building when a large positive air pressure is present in the building.

Column Followers

Column Followers

Column followers are designed with steel buildings or to be used with the Diamond Doors Steel Header and Supporting columns option. They prevent prevent the bi-fold door from pushing out from the building when a significant positive air pressure is present inside the building. They are located at the bottom inside corners of the door and side along the inside flange of the building columns or the columns of the Steel header system. These column followers are easily adjustable to accommodate different flange depths. 


Standard Windows

Windows are the perfect option for allow natural light to enter the building while being able to look outside. Standard window size is 36” wide by 24” tall and come with a dual pane PVC frame and nailing fin. These windows are available with brick mold to accommodate ¾” profile cladding. The windows come preinstalled from the factory save you time and money with installation.

Custom Windows

Custom windows come in many different sizes. From 24”x12” security windows to full door glazing. The most common custom window is a row of windows across the door 24” tall.  The glass is available in tempered, mirrored and tinted.

Polycarbonate Smoked Cladding

polycarbonate exterior

polycarbonate interior

Polycarbonate Sheeting

Polycarbonate sheeting is becoming more and more popular. For non-insulated doors, this option is an inexpensive way to allow a substantial amount of natural light into your building. It has become popular to have a 36” tall row across the doors width or to have the door completely covered by the polycarbonate allowing maximum light transfer. The standard clear polycarbonate sheeting profile matches the standard ¾” cladding profile allowing the transition from the cladding to the polycarbonate and back to the cladding without the use of additional trims. The polycarbonate sheeting is also available in trans-white and smoked upon request.


The ThermaVu polycarbonate panel provides a 60% transparency while maintaining an R-value similar to a triple pane window. These panels come with aluminum extruded retainers which connect the panels together and attach them to the doors frame. These panels are equipped with a UV protectant coating that provides assurance against damage or discoloration. They are 30mm thick with an X internal structure providing a 5 wall thermal break. Maximum coverage per panel is 7’ wide and up to 12’ in length. Each panel comes cut to size as required or can be purchased by the sheet.

The DiamondVu polycarbonate panel provides a 57% transparency with a heat transfer coefficient K value of 1.35. These panels come with a 4 wall structure providing exceptional strength and hail resistant. These panels also have a UV coating which protects them against any UV damage. The panels are 10mm thick and attached together by plastic H retainers. Maximum coverage per panel is 7’ wide and up to 12’ in continuous length.

Miter Cut CornersMiter cut corners are typically used on wood frame buildings. They are used to maximize your clear opening height or width without having the door extend past the roofline. Each miter is custom cut to match the pitch of your roof. Each mitered corner comes with our custom flashing that attaches to your building which caps off the mitered corner. The flashing also protects the mitered corner from rain and snow.

Stainless Steel Frame

The stainless steel frame option is popular in high humidity or corrosive environments. It is also becoming more and more popular with architectural projects. Diamond Doors offer many different grades of stainless steel. Most common is the 300 series in 304, 304L, 316 and 316L. Also included are Stainless steel hinges, hinge pins and lifting cables.

Stainless Steel Motor

Also offering a sealed stainless motor which provides assurance of the doors operation in the harshest environments. These motors are available in all standard HP and voltage. A wash-guard brake kit is included with each stainless steel motor. Due to the motor being sealed, the emergency manual opener is not available with these motors.

For remote buildings or buildings without AC power, we offer a DC battery operated opener. This DC opener is available in 12VDC and 24VDC depending on the door size. The DC option is available for doors up to 40’ wide. The single battery for 12v or dual batteries for 24v systems are included. Most door sizes are able to cycle 10x before the batteries require charging. Or simply attached a solar powered charger to maintain your battery voltage. The charging system is not included.

Steel Header System

Steel Header and Supporting Columns

This system is typically used on buildings that do not have the strength to hold the bi-fold doors’ weight or loads. This system consists of two wide flange vertical columns and a “Z” channel header system. The header comes attached to door and with a simple 4 bolt connection to the vertical columns making it easy to install. The vertical columns come pre-drilled for easy installation. The steel header system allows you to open up entire walls, extended past the roof line or provide necessary support for the door. The steel header system is available for all door sizes. It comes factory painted to match the bi-fold door frame. This system is typically mounted to the exterior of the building and anchored into the buildings foundation. This system can also be set into the building for a flush exterior look. This is dependent on building clearances. The vertical columns come pre-drilled for easy installation. Mounting hardware for wood, steel or concrete buildings included. Concrete foundation mounting brackets and hardware are also available when mounting into the foundation below grade level. Insulation caps are provided to insulate the header system when ordered with an insulated door. These insulation caps are inserted into the vertical columns and fastened to the underside of the header. All insulation caps are covered in a 26 gauge charcoal sheeting to match the door frame and for cosmetic appeal. Fasteners are included with insulation caps.

Column Support Angle

Column Support Angles

Column support angles were designed with wood straight wall buildings in mind. They consist of a predrilled, 10’ long angle which are fastened to the top 10’ of the building post that to door rolls on. They are located on the inside corner of the post. When a bi-fold door is open, the rollers are pushing on the post. Over time wood has the tendency to bow when under pressure. With the column supports, they brace the post where the roller loads are the greatest (at the top of the post).

Mounting Hardware

Cable Anchor Kit

The Cable anchor kit is offered for wood buildings and Quonsets. These cables attach to the inside of the doors top hinges and anchored either into the side wall at a 45 degree angle or straight back into a braced top cord of the truss. The purpose of the cable anchor kit is to transfer the outward pull from the hinges which is created when the door is opened. The standard cable length is 30’ and includes turn buckles and mounting hardware. These kits come with 2, 3 or 4 cables which depend on the width of the door.