Parkland College, Yorkton SK

Needing a door that is reliable, low maintenance, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing was on the top of this customers priorities. Using our 2" insulation package along with a complete row of dual pane windows provided a efficient and visually appealing bi-fold door. Using our auto locking system this door is also able to be remotely operated, a practical solution for a door opened and closed frequently. Supplying a Bi-fold Door that meets our Diamond Doors standards is crucial to maintaining a positive relationship with our customers and solidifies our product as the industry leader.

“Diamond Doors expertise is widely known and our ability to design build doors made us an obvious choice for the Parkland College. A low maintenance option with the ability to customize features as well as aesthetics was important. The door features a trim and cladding package, windows, as well as an insulation package to name a few. Along with the brick and wood design, the galvanized cladding fits perfectly on this beautiful new college building.”

architectural Bifold door on college building

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