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On this project our customer needed the largest clear opening they could get in order to keep there business moving smoothly, efficiently and safely. Using our self supported header system we were able to meet all their requirements and bring there building back to life. We also provided them with our insulation package, creating a comfortable building usable year round. They liked the efficiency and reliability so much they even purchased a second door. Allowing them to expand their operation with the peace of mind Diamond Doors has been known for.

“I became familiar with Diamond Doors while working as an aerial applicator and aircraft maintenance engineer. I was always impressed with the smooth operation and quality of these doors. I could tell that the various business owners that I worked for were also very happy with their doors. Fast-forward a few years and wouldn’t you know it I am operating my own aerial application business.
My wife and I started Top Crop Applicators Inc. in 2011-2012. By 2014 we were looking for our second aircraft. Because we operate the Grumman Ag-Cat it became a necessity that we replace one of the doors on our “T Style” Hangar. What we had was a very labour-intensive old door that would only open nine feet high. We needed a door that could give the FULL height of our ceiling. So I phoned Diamond Doors and we worked out the details. As our project was a retrofit it took lots of communication between Diamond Doors and us. All my questions and concerns (I had a few!) were dealt with professionally and with a very personal touch. At the end of the project I got exactly what I wanted. The door is an absolute dream to operate.
It is now spring 2015 and we have installed the second door on our old hangar. The decision to buy a second Diamond Door was the easiest one I have made in my business so far. As an aerial application business our doors are a critical part of our workflow. When it is time to work your doors have to work too. I rarely let our Ag Cats sit outside, so on a normal day, this could mean three door operations per day. With the Diamond Doors I no longer cringe at the thought of bringing an airplane in or out.
These two Diamond Doors have added much value to my old building. The engineering staff at Diamond Doors was able to supply me with a door that had its own header and support beams. This was very significant to the success of my project. The header and support beams actually take the whole load during door operation. Also by tying in the header to my existing structure I have been able to greatly improve the overall strength of my building. The finished product looks classy, clean and new. Thank you Diamond Doors!”

Nathan Hofmann

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