Bi-fold Door Insulation Options

Diamond Doors – Insulation options for your new or existing Diamond bi-fold door.

This post will discuss the various bi-fold door insulation options. Insulating your door will help heat stay inside during the colder months and keep heat outside during the warmer months. Whether you are looking for an insulated hangar door or an insulated shop door, our EPS (expanded polystyrene) ridged board panels are a great option. Your door has the potential for a large amount energy loss, so investing in a good quality insulated door is beneficial for you in the long run.

When deciding which door to purchase or the insulation options for your existing door, consider the investment and return over time. Will the option you choose loose energy over the years and offset the inexpensive cost upfront? Will the investment you make in your door end up saving you money in the long run?

One of the options you have for bi-fold door insulation is the Diamond Door insulation package, which includes EPS ridged board insulation panels. The panels come in a 2” and 3” thickness. These panels are:

    • Attached to the exterior door frame, creating a full thermal break.
    • Wrapped with a white aluminum embossed liner for the interior aesthetic. Different liner colours and styles are available for special order.
    • Pre-cut to fit the door in factory for easy installation onsite.
    • Consistent R value (ability of an insulating material to resist heat flow) at R12 and R16.
    • Does not retain moisture.
    • Price is between $2.50 – $3.25 CAD per sq/ft.

bi-fold door insulation diagram


Additionally, a neoprene foam for the perimeter of the bi-fold door is included. All our doors are equipped with top and bottom weather seals to create a complete barrier from the natural elements.

Spray foam is a common alternative to using a polycarbonate panel. However, there are some things to consider before choosing this option for your bi-fold door:

  • Spray foam is applied to the inside of the door, not the frame. So, the frame of the door will not be insulated and is an area for energy loss.
  • Spray foam will not be able to surround the moving parts of the locking mechanism of the door.
  • Not aesthetically pleasing.
  • R value is dependent on the thickness and type of foam. Open cell spray foam has an average R value of 3.5 per inch. Closed cell spray foam has an average R value of 6 per inch.
  • Open cell spray foam will allow moisture to pass through the foam. Closed cell spray foam will resist moisture.
  • Will need to hire a company to do the installation.
  • Price varies between companies but around $2.50 CAN per sq/ft for 2” thickness (R12) is an estimate. This does not include labour.

Using a steel building blanket insulation on bi-fold doors is another common alternative to using a panel. Some things to consider when choosing this option are:

  • Inconsistent R value (where the blanket is compressed the R value will decrease).
  • Not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Labor intensive installation (cutting and installing the blankets onsite).
  • Price is roughly $.90 CAN per sq/ft.

If you are looking to either replace your shop/hangar door or insulate your Diamond Door, our insulation package is something to consider.

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