High Strength Steel Frame

Engineered and designed with a triple internal truss the Diamond Bi-fold Door system is one of the strongest in the industry.

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Bi-fold Cable Lift System

Diamond Doors combines highly specialized cables and a non-overlapping driveline for our bi-fold doors. Our system is designed to have a 10x safety factor and exceptional lifespan.

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Greaseless, Maintenance Free Hinges

The unique hinge bushing design eliminates hinge creaking and screeching, while functioning smoothly. Diamond Doors offers a lifetime warranty on all hinge bushings.

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Remote Opener and Electric Auto-Lock

The auto-lock system comes with an independent electric motor. It is pre-wired, installed, and tested in factory.

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Genesys Electrical Box & Circuit Board

The Diamond Genesys CSA approved electrical box is the first ever UL325/CSA 22.2 certified bi-fold door operator on the market. Our innovative Genesys circuit board features plug-n-play installation on future upgrades, on-board diagnostics, built in emergency override controls, and more.

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We operate on the values of honesty, integrity, and excellence. We are committed to manufacturing a great product and serving customers long after a sale is made.Dick Suderman, Founder


Find the best bi-fold door solution to suit your needs.

Each door is custom built to meet your specific building requirements for your hangar, livestock barn, machine shed, factory, commercial, or retail building.