Low Cost, High Quality, Secure and Safe.

High quality solutions for your machine shed, livestock barn, or any other building on your property.

Standard doors are competitively priced and well equipped with low maintenance, and a lifetime warranty on hinge bushings. We work with agricultural equipment dealers and farm owners to secure what matters most in your shop.

Whether you’re looking for an easy to use bi-fold door for your machine shop or livestock barn, Diamond Doors has the perfect standard door and options to suit any application from large to small.

For livestock barns, Diamond also offers stainless steel frames to resist
corrosion and further prolong the life of these already sturdy doors.
Safety features are available to prevent injury to your livestock or damage to your equipment.

Our Custom-built and engineered doors are designed to last.

We build our doors to be as structurally sound as the building it’s going to be mounted to. How the door will be used matters, and when we take on a new challenges, we engineer and design a door that will last. The Diamond difference speaks for itself.