Want to Restore Your Old Quonset?

Do you have old quonset doors?

During the 50s-70s steel Quonsets and wooden arch rib quonset buildings were common to purchase. The typical door size was a 20’x 14’ and came standard with sliding track doors. This size accommodated the equipment used at that time. However, agricultural equipment has grown over the years, which requires larger doors.


Having lasted the test of time, these buildings are usually still structurally sound after 40+ years. Despite the building being in relatively good condition, the quonset doors have worn, causing them to become difficult to open.


Considering Quonset Door Replacement?


Overhead Quonset Doors?


When looking at options for retrofitting a new door onto an older quonset, overhead doors are a common consideration. However, because quonset buildings are round, and overhead doors require 16-18inches of clearance, an even smaller opening than the original will be created. Additionally, building shift can cause these doors to jam, creating similar problems to the original system.


Bi-fold Quonset Doors?


With the Diamond bi-fold door, the quonset opening width and height can be expanded, utilizing our self-supporting header system. Mounted to the exterior of the building, the header allows the door to extend past the roof line. With a larger opening, modern agricultural equipment now has safe storage, and the building has become useful again.


Other Benefits to Upgrading Your Quonset Door


Customization Options


A Diamond door does not just add functionality, but many options can be added for aesthetics and convenience. Pedestrian doors, windows, polycarbonate panels, and even an auto-lock with remote opener can be installed to provide the ultimate door upgrade.


Keeping Birds Out


Older quonsets are often areas of interest for birds to roost, as they are not sealed tight. By installing a Diamond Door, your quonset can be secure and prevent pests like birds from entering.


Quonset Door Retrofit Projects


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