Why Choose Diamond Bi-fold Doors?

The Diamond Difference.


At Diamond bi-fold Doors, we are committed to creating exceptional products, never sacrificing quality. Our doors are produced with precision, from materials that are greater than industry standard. We stand behind our products and offer extensive warranty on them, because we create products with the intention that they will last. The bi-fold doors are tested in factory to ensure that you receive a product that is in pristine condition.


The Diamond bifold Door was born from the concept that a customer should be able to install their door themselves, easily and accurately. This carries through to the way we design our products, assembly, and shipping. We are committed to assembling as much as we can in factory to simplify your installation process.


We strive to be the leader in todays bi-fold market. Offering many industry leading standard features on our bi-fold doors and extensive customization options. We are committed to the research and development of product improvements so that we stay competitive and set the bar for bi-fold door manufacturing.


Our doors alleviate the problems that come with traditional door options. Designed for low maintenance, the Diamond Bi-fold Door is a tool that makes your life easier. We have the fastest door open rate in the industry, convenient remote opener, and auto-lock system. Your experience with our door will be one of ease and effortlessness.


As a company we operate on the values of honesty and integrity. We ensure that all regulations are followed, and we seek certification above that of which is required. Our doors have extensive safety features and options. Engineered to your buildings specifications, we are committed to delivering a product that is safe, secure, and structurally sound.


We serve our customers to the highest standard and their satisfaction is our measure of success. Our service team is committed to providing timely and accurate solutions.

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Our Story

A message from the founder:


Our measure of success is customer satisfaction.

Building bi-fold doors was something I did to help support my family during the off season while working as a commercial pilot. Diamond Doors was a company born because people had a need, and I knew I could provide what they needed: bi-fold doors engineered for quality, convenience, and longevity.

In the open sunshine, with my previous steel manufacturing experience and some ingenuity, I built my first bi-fold door. It took me a month. Once I had built my first door people started coming to me for help. I started building hangar doors for guys I flew with, then bi-fold doors for machine sheds and barns. Living in an agricultural community continued to bring new opportunities.

There came a time where I had to choose. Do I continue flying commercially or build doors full time? I could not do both. That is when I decided to create Diamond Doors. My wife thought the name had a nice sound to it.

We went full time manufacturing in 1998, building custom bi-fold doors for hangars, machine shops, quonsets, storage buildings, architectural projects, and industrial applications.

My idea had been that when we build a door, the buyer should be able to install it with ease. Often customers would have to hire extra help to put up a door. It would take days to install. There were many components to assemble. This cost them extra money. Why not have all that assembly done in manufacturing? The Diamond Door comes completely pre-wired and all electrical components are tested before it goes to the customer. It should take about 3 hours if you have never installed one before.

We build doors with innovative standard features.

We use a triple internal truss design, high strength tubular steel, maintenance free hinges, a UL 325/CSA 22.2 certified electrical box, and aircraft grade lift cables with a 10X safety factor. There are many industry leading features that come standard on a Diamond bifold Door because want our customers to experience quality and have an exceptional door.

We operate on the values of honesty, integrity, and excellence.

It has never been about the money for me. Our measure of success has always been customer satisfaction. We serve our customers long after the sale is made. That is what I have told my sons. As a family business they have helped our company grow and become an industry leader. I would never had dreamed the Lord would bless our venture in the ways He has.

I want to thank our customers for their support in our business. As long as people continue to ask for our doors, Diamond Doors will continue making them.



Dick Suderman
Diamond Doors

Warranty Details

We stand behind every bi-fold door we make. Each door comes with:
  • 2-year factory defect¬†
  • 10-year lift cable
  • Lifetime hinge bushings
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