Should you buy a cable-lift bi-fold door?

It is a common misconception that cables are outdated. As with any product, design varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Diamond Doors has been innovating the bi-fold door design since 1998. Our cable-lift bi-fold doors are safe, reliable, and timeless.

Our engineers have designed an innovative product that is quiet, smooth, and most importantly, safe.

How are our cables different than competitor cables?

Diamond Doors unique lift cable driveline design provides an offset during lift. This prevents the cables from “overlapping” (the primary reason for shortened cable life).

These specialized cables utilize a fine weave and fiber core for excellent flexibility and lifespan.

Using more cables translates to less loading per cable, helping to further extend cable life.

How do cables compare to lift strap door designs?

Steel cables are less likely to fray, rip, or tear.

Additionally, lift straps are susceptible to wind, causing buffeting and potential double wrapping. Cables are not affected by wind and wrap consistently every time.

How safe are bi-fold doors with cables?

At Diamond Doors, we implement multiple redundancies, to ensure the safety of our doors.

We have implemented a double driveline, overrate our gear box, and have an emergency electric brake on every door.

We use a 10x cable safety factor when engineering the door. Theoretically, you could cut every cable but one on our doors and it would still stay up when open.

This is a similar methodology to how an airplane has a double ignition etc. to ensure if a problem does occur, the fail-safe is there.

How easy are cables to install?

Diamond’s latest cable anchoring system can be installed in minutes. No cables to cut. Clean finished look.

Are cables low maintenance?

Cables have their first initial stretch upon install, because of this they rarely need tensioning. Straps need to be tensioned more frequently, which with some designs will need to be done 2/3rds up the door.

How are the opening speeds with cable-lift doors?

Powerful electric drives provide a standard, consistent opening speed of 18 ft/min, and can restart opening or closing at any point in the cycle.

Lift speeds can be further increased to suit specific application requirements.

What is the cable warranty?

We believe in our design and back our quality product with comprehensive 10-year cable warranty.


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