Overhead and Sliding Door Problems – Solved by a Bifold

Have you run into problems with your overhead or sliding doors? Maintenance on sliding and overhead doors can quickly become tiresome, especially as they age. The good news? Bifold doors solve many overhead and sliding door problems.

Common Overhead and Sliding Door Problems

What do I do with a misaligned door track?

If you are struggling with your sliding or overhead doors, chances are that your door tracks are misaligned. Many factors can cause a misaligned door track, such as a shifting building or aged tracks, but the results are the same. Your door is stuck.

Your equipment is inside the building, and you can’t get it out.

The immediate solution is to realign your door tracks, lubricate the tracks, and hope for the best next time.

But what if there was a longer-lasting solution?

How well insulated is my door?

Manufacturers build overhead doors in sections, which means there are numerous seams where heat can escape and temperature control in lost. Even with an insulated overhead door, frost buildup is common on those cold winter days. However, overhead doors do seal well along the tracks and bottom of the door when installed properly.

Another important component of insulation is the door seal. Sliding doors are difficult to effectively seal, allowing moisture, pests, and dust into your building. The good news is that sliding doors are built in a solid piece, which is easier to insulate well.

But what if you could get the best of both worlds?

What sort of maintenance does my door need?

Overhead door require regular maintenance in order to function well. The drive chain and other moving parts must be lubricated, springs must be adjusted. Tracks, as we mentioned earlier, must be inspected for misalignment and damage. Multiple moving parts create a higher workload and maintenance checklist.

Sliding doors face similar challenges. Roller tracks must be inspected for debris and and wear. Rollers should be checked for worn and scuffed sections, as this indicates that they are sliding rather than rolling.

But what if we could make maintenance easier?

What about my overhead space?

Your equipment is growing, but your door opening isn’t. Overhead doors take up valuable headroom space inside your building. Even with a large clear opening, the door opener, door tracks, and the door take up space that could be used to store larger equipment.

But what if you could use more of that space without enlarging your building?

How do I easily open my door?

Sliding doors tend to stick, and manually opening/closing your door takes time. You open the door, move your equipment through the door, close the door, climb back into your vehicle or equipment – and only then can you begin working. Alternatively, you can leave your doors open while you are gone, although what’s the point of a door if it’s always open?

But what if your door would open with the push of a button?

How do I troubleshoot my door?

When a sliding door or overhead door runs into problems, it can be difficult to know what went wrong. Whether the track is misaligned, the motor burned out, a spring is snapped, or anything else went wrong, it takes time to figure it out.

Often, the only option is to call in a professional service team, especially for overhead doors. This can be costly and inconvenient.

But what if we can make problem-solving easier?

A Diamond Bifold Door Solution

Well Aligned Door Tracks

Our bifold doors are designed to minimize shifting tracks. Since the door and tracks are both attached to the building, everything shifts together. This eliminates common tracking issues with minor or seasonal building shift. J-tracks are also easily adjusted.

For straight wall buildings, our column support angles reduce bowing near the top of the door, where the load on the door frame is the greatest.

Upgrade to an Insulated Bifold Door

Diamond Doors offers a complete insulation package as an added feature. These insulation panels come cut to length for easy installation and provide a continuous thermal break. Their ship-lapped design and seam tape provides a clean, finished look and consistent r-value.

Other key features on Diamond Doors work together to create a strong seal between your door frame and the door opening. The cantilevered rollers provide a better corner seal, while the weather seals protect the top and bottom of the door.

Our unique locking system pulls the door tightly against the door frame as an additional protection against high winds, humidity, and moisture.

Low Maintenance Design

Every Diamond door is designed for convenience, which is why we have engineered a variety of low maintenance features for your door. With greaseless hinges, no maintenance locking system, a fully finished door frame, and minimal moving parts, your door is a tool to make your life easier.

Increased Overhead Space

Bifold doors attach to the exterior of your building. This allows you to make full use of the headroom inside your building and move your large equipment through the doorway with ease.

For buildings like quonsets, the self-supporting header allows the door to extend past the roofline, increasing the size of your clear opening.

Automatic Electric Opener

Every Diamond door comes equipped with an electric opener. A constant speed of 18 feet per minute makes these doors the fastest opening bifold doors on the market.

“We also did the optional auto lock system that allows the door to open and close with the push of a button. It’s amazing, I have a couple remotes, one for the plane and one for the quad. I can fly over hit the button and the doors open ready for me to taxi right in. It’s a real time/life saver in the work I do.”

As customer Patrick F. says, the remote opener system is a convenient tool to save you time when operating your bifold door. When used with the auto-lock system, you can truly allow your door to do the work.

Effortless Troubleshooting

Along with a detailed troubleshooting electrical guide in the owner’s manual, Diamond Doors has designed an on-board diagnostics tool for the Genesys Circuit Board used on every door. This tool uses LED indicators to show possible electrical errors on the door.

With customer satisfaction  as a measure of our success, Diamond Doors also has a dedicated service team to answer your mechanical questions and issues that aren’t covered in the owner’s manual. You can reach our service team at 866-325-7600 or at for troubleshooting advice, warranty, and genuine service.